Elegans car to operate as flooring, our company started in 1995, foreign export was active mainly in line with the demand from the domestic market in 2011. elegans to Leather Design name of Turkey sector focusing our company operates in auto design and leather upholstery field.

Our company`s export of our work in this field, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Wolksvagen, Land Rover, Jeep, Citröen, Peugeot, Caravan, Vip vehicles, Jet aircraft seats and bus seats, especially export to Germany mainly operate.

Our company has expanded its product range with more than 5,000 leather steering covers per month in the field of auto leather steering wheel coating, yacht design, motorcycle saddles and motorcycle leather accessories, and has become a brand in the market for leather steering wheel coating with different sewing techniques.


Since 1995, with the name of ELEGANS Auto Design and Elegans Leather Design, auto design and leather design in our business life from the first day we are in the industry pioneer, creative free market conditions with competitive solutions to our staff and our customers with a participatory management team and all elements of our business life with is committed to a sustainable growth with respect to environmental safety, laws, social and ethical values ​​and awareness of social responsibility.


In line with the road drawn by the law, business ethics, as well as complying with the written rules of our business life, as a company that fulfills its personal and corporate promises and commitments in a timely and complete manner as a leading company in the sector.

Our company has imposed this approach and diligence on all our staff in order to maintain an honest merchant identity and has been to establish a trust with this belief.

In order to maintain our quality and title in the first place in order to achieve our goal of adhering to our vision and mission since the date we entered the business sector, we have set out by certifying our projected documents with our experienced project engineers.

Together with our experienced team of experienced project engineers, TSE and TÜV ‘s designed cars in the standards we have designed, as a result of the tests and approved documents as a result of the more ambitious way we have been a pioneering and prestigious company in the auto design industry.