Peugeot 308 Steering Wheel Cover

Peugeot 308 steering renewal process is covered with quality 1 class German napa leathers above quality standards. Before your car steering wheel is coated, it is dismantled by our experienced team and re-installed after the leather coating process is finished. After this process, there is no problem in the airbag. The leather steering wheel coating process is completed by hand stitching after the leather is applied precisely by our expert team with one hundred percent hand workmanship.
This process takes about 3-4 hours by appointment. In addition, we have more than 100 different brands and models of ready-made leather-coated steering wheel. Our customers who do not want to wait for 3-4 hours without time can get installed on our ready-made steering wheels. This process takes only 10 minutes. Our ready-made steering wheels are original and guaranteed.